Human Resources & ADMINISTRATION

The Human Resources and Administration Division is responsible for managing the Human Resources Department, the Learning & Development Department, and the Oil & Gas Academy. In addition, through the Corporate Services Department, the Medical Department, the Security Department, and the Corporate Communication Department the Division provides supporting services to the entire Company.

Finance & information technology

The Finance & IT Division of Bapco incorporates all of the traditional roles and responsibility of finance, accounting,  and information technology functions as well as providing  legal and procurement services to the Company. In addition, the Division coordinates the complex reporting of Company operations and performance to the Ministry Of Finance, the National Oil & Gas Authority and NOGA holding.


The Marketing Division implements marketing strategies that maximize the revenue for the Company from sale of crude oil and petroleum products. The Division is responsible for managing petroleum products sales for international clients, coordinating the supply and sale of petroleum products to the local market and exploring further business opportunities in the international market.