Living in Bahrain as a single person means having greater flexibility in the choice of accommodation and better proximity to social hot spots. Very modern ready-to-move-in condos and fully-furnished apartments are available in central locations in Bahrain keeping one close to where the fun is.

A big concern for singles is often food, but with Bahrain’s explosive food scene, every cuisine is available suiting a variety of budgets or palette. Food is also largely affordable with clean street food being readily and freshly available around every corner.

The many social and sports clubs in Bahrain will make sure that single expats get to meet new friends, socialize and share experiences. A decently vibrant lounge culture exists where alcohol is easily available but drinking irresponsibly in public or drunken behaviour in general is regarded as a serious punishable offence. There is a zero-tolerance policy on drunk driving for everyone living in Bahrain, regardless of religion.

Similarly, conservative rules do apply to dating. It is not common to see even married couples holding hands, while public displays of affection are not favoured at all, particularly during Ramadan. Physical relationships and cohabiting outside of marriage, including in hotels, is looked down upon and mostly illegal, and becoming pregnant out of marriage may not be easy to deal with.

Western women especially should refrain from wearing revealing clothes in public or behave immodestly in any way.

With extra time on hand thanks to a rather disciplined work culture, single expats will also be able to develop a personal talent or pick up an entirely new skill, considering there are enough classes and opportunities to do so.

While call taxis are easily available, getting around on your own town without a driving license may be the only factor, if at all, keeping single expats from making the most of their time in Bahrain.