Bahrain has a progressive and highly valued education system with public education being free. However, since the medium of instruction is Arabic, most non-Arab expat kids attend one of the many private schools in the kingdom. It is worth noting that private schools can prove quite expensive depending on the curriculum chosen.


There are dozens of schools for expats to choose from, but since demand is quite high, seats do fill up quickly, so it is recommended to start the application process as early as possible.

Most nationalities will be able to find an international school following the curriculum of their home country thus helping maintain the continuity in their child's education. There are several renowned British and American schools to choose from, as those offering curricula of India, France and Australia, while some even offer the world standard International Baccalaureate program.

Most of these schools are modern with a host of facilities that stress on extra-curricular activities and maintain a high standard with smaller class sizes and a very good teacher to student ratio.

A few of the top ranked schools in Bahrain are mentioned here. For a more comprehensive list on the top schools in Bahrain please see link

1. St. Christopher’s British private school (English Curriculum) est.1961
2. British School of Bahrain (English Curriculum) est.1995
3. Bahrain School (American Curriculum) est.1967
4. French School of Bahrain "Le lycée français MLF Bahrein"(French curriculum) est. 1976
5. Riffa Views International School (American Curriculum) est.2008
6. The Indian School, Bahrain (Indian Curriculum) est.1950