Our Hiring Process

Step 1

Application: Applying for the available job vacancies is through the Bapco online link, where applicants would need to register and answer the questions provided and upload all necessary documents. Upon completion of the application, an application number would be provided for referencing purposes. 

Step 2

Reviewing: The Human Resources Department is responsible for reviewing the online applications for all vacancies. The selection process will be based on successful applicants that are meeting the company's predetermined criteria for the job.

Step 3

Interviews: After initial screening, an initial preliminary interview via phone, Skype or teleconferencing would be conducted for the selected applicants. If further interviews are needed, the applicant would be asked to attend an in person interview in Bapco premises.

Step 4

Assessments: All selected applicants will undergo an assessment process that includes and not limited to an aptitude and psychometric assessment. Other Technical assessments are required for job specific requirements such as the Console Operator Basic Requirements Assessment (COBRA Exam), IT Skill Assessment, and an English proficiency Exam.

Step 5

Job Offer: When all interviews and assessments have been completed. The successful applicant would receive a formal job offer from the hiring team.