In an organization like Bapco where over 2500 employees from over 37 nationalities work together to deliver their unique expertise in a diversity of fields, supporting and learning from each other as they move towards one larger goal, then without doubt, the people form the heart of its corporate ethos.

The Bapco culture is aligned with its overall vision and is embodied in its core mission, and value system. It gets reflected in the kind of decisions we want our people to make and how we want them to treat each other and our customers, maintaining a great emphasis on quality and ethics.

To be recognised as a dynamic and empowering national energy company competing globally.

To sustainably manage and operate an integrated energy business, leveraging best practices and creating value for shareholders, customers, and employees.

Our Purpose
Bringing energy to the world for the enduring prosperity of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Our Promise
Staying ahead of our customer's energy needs.

As Bapco continues to grow, what has helped inculcate and preserve our strong culture are our values which have shaped the working environment into a positive, supportive, and enjoyable one. It is also evident in our policies, practices, and interactions between employees, customers and business partners.

Our Values 
Enterprising - We are empowered and dynamic.
This attitude and our business mentality enable us to innovate.

Trusted - We are honest and respect others.
By acting with integrity we garner trust internally and externally.

Committed - We are determined and passionate.
Personal accountability and teamwork produce the best results.