Developed in the 1930s by Bapco, the Awali island is populated by expats from around the world working at the refinery. It was one of the first destinations in the kingdom to welcome a modern culture and is like a mini Bahrain within Bahrain. As a Bapco employee and especially one living within its Awali complex, one automatically feels welcomed into its large multi-cultural family fold.

Awali is designed to be a self-contained, self-sufficient eco-system which makes daily living and adapting to Bahrain feel like a breeze. A great sense of community, beautiful environs, regular social and cultural activities complemented by basic facilities like a bank, a post office, a club, a library, a hospital and even a travel agency within the complex, make living in Awali a very comfortable experience.

⦁ Bapco Social Club:

The Awali social life centers around the Bapco Club, which has its own ballroom, coffee bar, restaurant, and cocktail lounge. It also has a dedicated swimming pool and a gaming area with a choice to play darts, pool, snooker or even go bowling; a perfect way to unwind or relax with friends and family.

⦁ Bapco Sports Clubs:

Accommodating to the needs of sport enthusiasts are various sport and recreation clubs within Awali. These cater to a wide range of special interest sports including tennis, squash, bowling, badminton, golf, cricket and football, often having active team competitions to encourage a sporting spirit.

⦁Well-Being Centre:

Bapco encourages and supports a healthy lifestyle and personal development of its staff and their dependents. A well-being centre specifically designed for this purpose hosts a number of informative lectures and a variety of activities such as aerobic classes, yoga and more.

⦁ Princess Sabeeka Park:

In line with Bapco’s environment-centric philosophy, the Princess Sabeeka Park was developed to offer a lush, green oasis for families living here. It serves as the perfect backdrop for company events, celebrations, family gatherings, musical nights or even just a stroll after meals. The park is a haven for a rich and wide variety of rare plant species and exhibits and makes for a great family outing venue.

⦁Kanoo Travel agency:

Another additional service for the convenience of Bapco staff at Awali, are the services of Kanoo Travel Agency. Employees can easily book their travels utilizing Kanoo’s most comprehensive and specialized services with the assurance of quality.

⦁ National Bank of Bahrain:

Furthering Bapco’s commitment to the best quality of life for its employees, the Awali complex also houses a branch of Bahrain’s first locally owned bank, the NBB. Awali residents can conduct regular bank related activities through this branch and enjoy NBB’s largest network comprising 25 branches and 61 ATMs.