Warm in climate, compact in size and a distinctly easy-going culture, give Bahrain its rather moderate pace of life which is very conducive to raising a family. Central to family life is one’s choice of accommodation which can be varied enough to suit one’s budget and unique enough to add value to one’s lifestyle.

 Family accommodation:

Properties are available as unfurnished, semi-furnished or fully furnished, depending upon a family’s needs, and ranges from apartments to villas, to properties within ‘compounds’. A compound is a gated and security-controlled premise with multiple houses (typically a dozen to 30), often centred around a communal area and facilities like a shared pool, children’s playground, tennis court, gym, etc. Families are known to prefer the compounds for these very additional perks allowing them to upgrade their lifestyles.

Things-to-do together:  

While some may find the weather of Bahrain too sunny, it also means tons of opportunity to enjoy the many outdoor and water activities found here: from dune bashing and horse riding, to jet skis and diving tours, there’s enough and more for every family type to indulge in and make fun memories together.

With a very vibrant restaurant scene, Bahrain is home to some of the finest eateries across cuisines, so needless to say, going out for a meal will be always something to look forward to as a family.

Bahrain’s tourism ministry has also been actively driving events throughout the year catering to various interests and there is always something to look forward to. 


The Bahrain International Circuit – an ultra-modern motorsports facility is also a key attraction for the thrill-seeking families.


Top brands vie for shelf space in the many well-designed shopping malls dotting the landscape of Bahrain and are well-frequented by locals and expats alike. These often serve as air-conditioned hangouts in the peak of summer and have no dearth of activities or entertainment for the young and old alike.

Security, comfort and engaging things to do, make Bahrain an ideal place for a family to settle in.