Raul lobo

Senior Process Engineer

“My name is Raul Lobo, I work for Bapco as a Senior Process Engineer. I’m delighted with the company culture and maturity. In addition, my co-workers are great people and professionals at all levels of the company. Joining Bapco is like joining a family where everyone is supportive of each other. Bapco cares about its employees’ well being. I am excited about the future of Bapco, where all of our collective experience will come together to make the Bapco Modernization Program a reality”.

Ali Al Sabbagh

Leader - Business Development

“Bapco is a great destination for making a career as it offers an excellent working experience. I found that the culture in Bapco encourages and supports me to widen me learning scope, not only by attending training courses and tradeshows but also by getting the opportunity to get involved in diverse projects and initiatives, from implementing and rolling-out the refreshed corporate brand identity to drafting and negotiating joint venture commercial contracts. Additionally, I had the opportunity to contribute to Bapco’s Weekly Star as columnist for about a year when I first joined Bapco’s Corporate Communications team in 2015. Now I am part of Bapco’s Marketing team, working with talented people from all over the world, in a energetic environment that makes me addicted to this place and gives me the sense that I am contributing to the success of both, Bapco and Bahrain.”

Ashok Bavishi

Supply Chain Optimization Specialist

“Bapco is a world class leader in looking after the health and safety of their employees and families exemplified by their continuous support for the well-being program and providing other facilities within the organization to promote health and safety.”

Andre Roy

Head Of Business Improvement

“My name is Andre and I am Head of Business Improvement at Bapco. Our organization is going through significant change as part of the modernization, commercialization and transformation agenda which makes working at Bapco exciting, challenging and career enhancing. The people I work with are enterprising, trusted and committed. It is a wonderful organization and I am really proud to work here."

Barry Dunne

Business English Instructor

 “My name is Barry. I am a Business English Instructor in the Learning & Development Department. My role is to redesign and expand the language courses at Bapco, so that we can meet the demand for learning English specific to the needs and roles of refinery and other staff. The company takes great interest in the health and welfare of staff, and I greatly appreciate the help and support I have received. I am confident I will progress and develop further in my career here.”

Abeer Al Najran

Organisation & Manpower Planning Analyst

“My name is Abeer Al Najran and I work in the Human Resources Department. Bapco is a Bahraini regional leader that has helped to shape the modern Kingdom of Bahrain. Therefore, I’m proud to be a Bapco employee due to its historical achievements, current developments, and future plans with the Bapco Modernization Program. Also I really appreciate the fact that the Company really takes care of its employees’ learning, development, health, safety and wellbeing.”